Dog Tactical Vest BLACK

  • Dog Tactical Vest BLACK
  • Dog Tactical Vest BLACK
  • Dog Tactical Vest BLACK

Universal tactical vest for your dog - to carry gear, as well as attaching the leash, or reflective and identification badges. Compliant with PALS / MOLLE.

Designed not only for working dogs - police, rescue or guardians, but also for e.g. longer walks - the dog will carry his water, bowl and food.


- Two attachment points for the leash - at front and at back;
- Comfortable pad evenly distributes the load on the dog's chest;
- Mesh provides air flow and stability;
- Adjustable, fits for most of the races, and as the dog grows, you can customize it - no need to buy new vest;
- Lined with soft padding;
- Velcro allows you to attach reflective or identification badges;
- Wide straps comfortably distribute the load;
- Can serve as sledge harness;
- Pockets / bags can be attached with Velcro or MOLLE system;

Levertijd ongeveer 1 week. In de kleur zwart meestal op voorraad.

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