Urban Tactical Pants III SHADOW GREY Ribstop Helikon-Tex
Urban Tactical Pants III SHADOW GREY Ribstop Helikon-Tex

De beste broek thans op de markt te verkrijgen. Ontworpen oorspronkelijk voor de FBI maar inmiddels bij heel veel beveiligingsorganisaties en politiekorpsen wereldwijd de standaard nu ook verkijgbaar

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De beste broek nu ook in Shadow Grey ribstop!

De originele tekst van de leverancier:
The Urban Tactical Line® was designed and manufactured for services requiring tactical clothing to operate in urban environment. Civilian look of all UTL® products allows efficiency of action and performance without attracting unnecessary attention.

The UTL® products are characterized by neat trimming, use of high-quality materials and well thought-out tactical design.

The UTL® clothing is successfully used by police, law enforcement officers, special services and security....

UTL® - Urban Tactical Pants®
Product Features:
• YKK® zipper fly, often used in jeans and other civilian pants
• A Velcro panel giving some range waist size adjustment
• Twelve pockets:
• Two front pockets with strengthened edges
• Four thigh pockets - two single-folded increased-capacity large
pockets zippered with YKK® (reverse zipper), intended to carrying
documents; two smaller pockets in the front thigh part fastened
with a hook-and-loop fastener
• Two slanted inner pockets, sewn-in diagonally to the belt list
Designed for easy and discreet carrying of items like batons or
extra pistol magazines
• Two large back pockets
• Two small auxiliary pockets placed inside back pockets. They may
carry flashlight or a multi-tool
• Thanks to flat elastic tape sewn in the rear part of the belt
list pants are well-fitting in the waist
• Classic jeans ‘neck’ shape limits falling the trousers down
• Double-reinforced knees of UTP® are made of two layers of fabric
with an inside pocket where a padded insert can be placed. Doublereinforced
knees are profiled with pleats
• The leg in the rear part is also profiled - it’s divided and
connected with a profiling pleat under the knee
• The front belt loops have additional loops, allowing D-ring
or karabiner attachment
Size: S-4XL/R (30/32-42/32)
S-4XL/L (30/34-42/34)
S-4XL/XL (30/36-42/36)
Weight: 800 g (canvas)
625 g (ripstop)



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