CPU Helikon Broek FLECTARN Ripstop
CPU Helikon Broek FLECTARN Ripstop

Helikon-Tex CPU (ook wel BDU) broek genoemd in Poly-Cotton in de kleur olijfgroen van goede kwaliteit. Goedkoop alternatief voor de Urban Tactical Line broeken. Voor deze broeken gelden kwantum kortin

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Zeer fijne werkbroek in de CPU serie. Goede middenmoot tussen de gewone BDU broek (army, special forces) en de Urban Tactical Line. FLECKTARN

Informatie van de fabrikant:

Combat Patrol Uniform® Pants

Raw material:60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Ripstop
A-TACS: 35% Cotton / 65% Polyester
XS – XXL / Regular
XS – XXL / Long
CPU® (Combat Patrol Uniform®) pants were designed according to the latest construction of Polish Armed Forces uniform Pattern 2010. Made with body ergonomics and utility in mind, CPU® pants provide freedom of movement combined with high-capacity storage areas for
necessary equipment. Wide-opening thigh pockets with drawstring retention are adapted to work as emergency dump pouches. Slim front pockets can carry personal items like a flashlight, a folding knife or an extra magazine close at hand. Calf pockets can contain a field dressing or an extra AR magazine, accessible when sitting in a vehicle, while classic front and back pockets provide even more carrying space if needed. The Combat Patrol Uniform® is a solution for everyday duty considering both camp activities and direct action, and comes in a variety of colours and camouflage patterns.



  • Adjustable waist
  • Strengthen crotch and seat
  • Key loops, D-ring or karabiner compatible
  • Two front pockets
  • Two slim front EDC gear pockets
  • Two back pockets with buttoned flaps
  • Two thigh cargo pockets with Velcro flaps and drawstring retention
  • Two calf pockets with Velcro flaps
  • Reinforced knees with kneepad compartments
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Buttoned fly